Otto Sidharta – Indonesian Electronic Music 1979-1992
(Sub Rosa)

The next installment of Sub Rosa's ongoing Early Electronic Series is from Indonesian electronic composer Otto Sidharta. Four Indonesian Electronic Pieces (1979-1984). is a bit of a detour as far as the previous releases are concerned. Most of what Sub Rosa has released under their Early Electronic Series has been just as its title implies – compositions that date back to the first and second waves of classical electronic music. Releases from such artists as John Cage, Henri Pousseur and Luc Ferrari contain compositions that date back to 1954. Otto Sidharta on the other hand, still performs music to this day and didn't even begin studying music until the end of the 1970's. His music also retains a cultural focus that sets him apart from most of his Sub Rosa compatriots. All of the pieces included in this compilation are built off of field recordings of natural sounds. However what he does with these sounds is where his music crosses over into a more experimental realm. Compared to the academic nature of previous installments in the Early Electronic Series, Sidharta's work has an ambient touch that would have easily fit into Brian Eno's short lived ambient imprint Obscure. Soothing yet interactive, experimental but also organic, Four Indonesian Electronic Pieces is a must for any fan of ambient music. (Adam)
Check out a track here.