Performing Ferret Band - S/T
(Beat Generation)

This one from the incredibly prolific, UK DIY post-punk scene during the late 70’s. Performing Ferret Band hailed from Maidstone, about 40 miles southeast of London, and come out of the same tradition as The Fall, Desperate Bicycles and Television Personalities. Their amateurish approach to punk and their humorous attitude endeared them to a small but enthusiastic audience. After their first 7” release and their follow-up cassette, Performing Ferret Band managed to get into a recording studio and press up 300 copies of their debut LP in 1981. It’s populated by crude bass lines, atonal and seemingly cheap guitars and a healthy amount of meandering melodica. 
“Bar Room” is a slinky tune with skronky saxes, rudimentary guitar lines and a bass and drum pulse that nicely holds things together. “Plastic Macho Man” definitely takes inspiration from Mark E. Smith with vocal cues in that wheelhouse but Performing Ferrets put their own spin on it with more of those primordial guitars and a quick pace. “Fallen Tyrant” features Cathy Brooks’ blase “Ta-da’s” for a much more sinister piece as the rhythm guitars are meaner and less forgiving, while “Disco One” goes for full-on disco mockery with an off-beat rhythm, a creepy basslines and more of that howling melodica. 
Fun and weird. Punky and arty. Very good indeed and just 500 of these pressed. (Dom)
Check out a track here