Preoccupations - New Material

Suddenly, we have 3 records in 3 years from one of the bands perfecting the current strand of post-punk; Preoccupations. You probably heard about the Calgary band amidst the controversy with their initial moniker, Viet Cong, which 2 of the members, Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace, formulated following the death of Chris Reimer in their band Women. 
They followed up the Viet Cong LP last year with the synth flavored and embattled punk driven Preoccupations; a record steeped in nervous energy and cold rhythms. They employ that formula closer, refining and upping the ante with more melodicism on New Material. They’ve become known as a band that paints in water colors as their moody and brooding textures show-off guitars that create beautiful washes of sound, drums that are rollicking and dynamic and vocals from bassist Matt Flegel that accentuate and contribute to the precision rather than dominate it. Look at the song titles to get an idea of where they’re coming from. “Doubt”, Disarray”, “Antidote”, “Solace.” It’s no secret they’re deeply investigating depressive and uncertain terrain but when it’s coupled with songs so propulsive, it’s hard not to fly your own blackened flag which they eagerly deplore throughout New Material. (Dom)
Check out a track here.