Ramleh - A Return To Slavery
(Harbinger Sound)

Anyone with an interest in the harsher side of electronic noise and power electronics should instantly perk up when they hear the name Ramleh. Known as one of the most extreme and abrasive groups from the blossoming English power electronics scene in the early 80's, alongside titans like Whitehouse and Sutcliffe Jugend, their early tapes are prized relics of the genre. Now Harbinger Sound has graciously and lavishly reissued two of the groups best works. The A-side consists of their split with Libertarian Recordings while the B-Side is the entirety of “The Hand Of Glory” EP, which was originally crammed on a lone 7”. Both sides are tremendous and are some of the purest examples of the sheer, brutal intensity from new UK experimental movement; what we now know as power electronics. Be prepared for harsh feedback worship, dirty and grainy recording fidelity that carpets the experience in a veil of dread, tortured and wretched screams of desperation and anger being spewed at you with no inkling of sarcasm or insincerity. And it’s all twisted and manipulated through swirling echoes of screeching hot noise. The importance of Ramleh is not to be overlooked and this is a wonderful opportunity to hear some of these incredibly rare recordings. Strike while the iron is hot though, only 300 pressed! (VII)
Check out a track here.