Randall McClellan - The Healing Music Of Rana Vol. 2

Aguirre Records presents the second installment in a series of recently re-discovered albums, an originally cassette only, by new age maestro Randall Mcclellan. The Healing Music Of Rana Vol 2. has its roots planted in both academic and holistic practice. Mcclellan founded the electronic music studio at the Eastman School Of Music where he received his PhD in composition before gradually drifting into a more eastern approach of music and its function within rituals of medicine. He began utilizing his knowledge of composition and technique trying to make music that would aid the listener into an altered state. His theories of internal resonance led him to transform the concert space into an environment where mind and body were in harmony. His instrumentation was a well balanced combination of eastern instruments such as tambouras and drone boxes, alongside technologically advanced analog synthesizers. McClellan favors crystallized textures that seem as if they have no beginning or end with a magnetism that is hard to come by. It's quite clear by the end of this record that the music serves a higher function than simply pleasurable listening. For fans of Eno, Philip Glass, Joanna Brouk, and Laraaji. (Adam)
Check out a track here.