Real Estate - In Mind

Since the 2011 LP Atlas, there’s been a shift in tone and makeup to Real Estate.  Matt Mondanile has departed, going full time with his main project Ducktails, passing the torch to Julian Lynch, who has put out a few excellent LPs himself . Matt Kallman has also been brought on for synth/keys. While this change might leave many bands motionless, Real Estate has beautifully inserted them into In Mind with a few interesting changes.
Lynch possesses a similar guitar attack to Mondanile though he adds in a bit of uneasiness and dischord. He perfectly harmonizes with singer / guitarist Martin Courtney on opener “Darling” as their twin guitar melodies meet as one and then separate hypnotically. The guitars once again sparkle on the queasy yet addictive “Stained Glass” while achieving the not-so-easy task of writing a catchy song in a minor-key. Side A closer “Two Arrows” introduces a bit of fuzz and magnetic drone as the song builds and layers in a dizzying manner before abruptly burning out.
For those in love with the band’s penchant for breezy melodies and hazy atmosphere, that is mainly the story here, though it’s nice to see the band willing to embrace uncertainty as well. (Dom)
Check out a track here.