Reconite - Daemmerlicht

Recondite presents his fifth album, Daemmerlicht, released on his own Plangent Records.  Translated as "fading light", the new album finds the Bavarian musician (mostly known as a techno producer) exploring novel territory, combining his love of instrumental hip-hop and downbeat with ambient and neo-classical music.  The result is perhaps Recondite's most meditative work yet, and easily his most adventurous.   An intriguing mix of electronic, hip-hop and classical that, quite frankly, is unlike anything else out there.  From the haunting soundscapes of "Lichtung", to the cinematic beauty of closing track "Immer Da", the album demonstrates a new level of sophistication to Lorenz Brunner's venerated catalog of work. Making conscious use of atmosphere and space, the album ultimately harkens to Brunner's unique upbringing in Lower Bavaria, and has a deep-in-the-woods feel that soothes as much as it scares. Drama and mystery abound.  I applaud Brunner for his risk-taking and the magical results.  Best listened to in the house with the lights out… (Lee)
Check out a track here.