Roberto Musci - Tower Of Silence
(Music From Memory)

Music From Memory has returned with a compilation of music by Roberto Musci, Tower Of Silence. Although his name may not be immediately familiar to you, the aesthetic of his work certainly should be, especially if you familiar with the music we endorse here at Angry Mom. Before Musci was performing, he was an avid connoisseur of far eastern music. His tastes led him to travel extensively and record the music of India, Asia and Africa. After several years of travel, Musci began working with these recordings in his studio. Tower Of Silence includes most of his debut album, The Loa Of Music, but also connects the dots to more recent works. What immediately stands out is how effortlessly he blends the more organic elements of music and culture with the artificial nature of the technologies he embraces. Sonically, the results are strongly reminiscent of Brian Eno's ambient works, particularly his essential 1980 collaboration with Jon Hassell, Fourth World Vol. 1. Musci created synth laden textures on top of tribal rhythms and the ambiance of slithering synthesizers gliding across the ambiance of the jungle at night. This is ambient music of the outside world. In the grooves of this record you will find yourself lost in this hybrid world that Musci has stitched together. Tower of Silence is a case study in proving how little seemingly opposite systems differ from one another. As Eno himself put it, the function of ambient music is to create something that is as easy to focus on as it is to ignore. How Tower of Silence differs from this definition is that its sonic structure is so alluring that there is no ignoring this experience once it has begun. If you have a taste for international music and an ear for the world of ambient recordings, this record will be immediately seductive. Even though it is a collection of tracks spanning multiple decades, it does not suffer the inconsistent nature that some career spanning compilations surely do. Musci clearly lived to capture the music of worlds that are the opposite of his own but his ability to sync with these worlds, is where his greatest success lies. (Adam)
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