Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Jungle Black Magic And Highlands Green Sorcery LP (Blackest Ever Black)

Released on vinyl for the time, Jungle Black Magic And Highlands Green Sorcery is the most substantial and disorientating release in the Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement vinyl series yet, clocking in at 40 minutes and deploying some of the most uncomfortably humid productions in Dominick Fernow's arsenal.  Jungle Black Magic marks the third in an ESSENTIAL series of first-time vinyl editions of early RSE material.  It was originally released as a double cassette release in 2012 in an edition of 49.
Stalking phantom apparitions and infrasonic illusions from the dankest sectors of his imagination, Fernow plays voodoo tricks on charred opener "The Case Of The Male Witch From Goroka" - a tropical downer underpinned by larger than life sub-bass rumblings and what sound like field recordings of YouTube rainforest nightscapes rendered in abstract, digital form.  "A Cursed Leaf Under The Pillow Of A Victim" and "The Verdict Handed Down By A Kangaroo Court" both further trance induction with a more pulsebeat tribal alignment of drums, before "For The Next Three Days There Was An Eerie Silence In The Village," ends the set with a completely bewildering alignment of synthetic sounds designed to play tricks on your senses; somewhere between a dark meditation aid and a reworked soundtrack to Predator (1987).
Throughout the vibe is exceptionally heatsick and paranoid. These pieces operate in paradoxical dimensions where the calls of exotic birds convey a denseness that's at odds with acres of negative space. It feels like standing in a deforested land at the edge of thick jungle, the effect is uncannily transportive; your mind constantly grappling with contrasting sensory triggers.  How can something this ice cold also convey such suffocating heat?  It makes for an incredibly unique listening experience; like fourth world ambiance but in some kind of Lynchian, above-the-convenience store dimension.
Edition of 500.  Forest green vinyl.  Buy or die! (Lee)
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