Scuba Death - The Worm At The Core

An innate facet of the human condition is the very personal way we choose to process our own fatality. Faced with dealing with the feelings of anxiety, death, and fear after nearly drowning whilst diving in the South Atlantic in his youth, Brazilian composer Ricardo Donoso chose to channel them into his creative process.  The result was Scuba Death, a project that was fully realized on Donoso's widely acclaimed 2014 Further debut, Nitrogen Narcosis.  The Worm At The Core is the second Scuba Death album and it ostensibly picks up right where the first ended.  This time around though Donoso opts to land rather than water for sonic inspiration with the six tracks based around location recordings of thunderstorms, alongside the expected deft use of analog equipment and sampling, plus the unexpected use of Rafa Selway's cello.
The Worm At The Core is an evocative, ebbing pulse of an album encompassing low BPM dub techno swells and richly textured soundscapes. Another excellent modern techno album from Donoso who by the way, has also released an extensive catalog under his proper name. (Lee)
Check out a track here.