Sigha - Metabolism

Since he first appeared on the scene in 2009, James Shaw's work as Sigha has morphed from submerged, aquatic dubstep to sparse, haunting techno, and has only gotten darker and stronger as it has developed. His work from around 2012, including his club-focused debut full-length, Living With Ghosts, pushed his experimentation further, while later singles for labels like Avian and Blueprint were deeper and doom-ier, pounding and paranoid.
His second full-length, Metabolism, appears now on Token, and contains some of his most risk-taking productions yet, drifting even further away from the easily danceable rhythms of "Living With Ghosts," even utilizing static hiss and white noise.  Don't be mistaken though, this is still a techno album and many of the tracks here do have pounding beats (check the massive "Black Massing" and "Interior") that will be a force to reckon with on any decent club's sound system.  But there are also more experimental, deconstructed pieces like "Coming Apart," and the subtle electro of "Her" herein.  This is a tremendously cohesive and powerfully dynamic, modern techno album (NOT a collection of singles). Exquisitely executed, Metabolism stimulates you aurally with its' high-fidelity sound design as much as it drives you physically with its' cavernous low ends. (Lee)
Check out a track here.