Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited
(In The Red)

If you’re one of the uninitiated to the power and unbridled onslaught of Simply Saucer’s Cyborgs Revisited, you’re in for a massive treat. Active in the mid 70’s out of Hamilton Ontario and helmed by Edgar Breau, Simply Saucer were on to something special. Their record has been listed in the Top Canadian Records of all time by outlets such as Forced Exposure, Alternative Press and Pop Matters. Having been in love with this record for about 15 years now, it’s easily one of the greatest records I’ve heard.
To be clear, Cyborgs Revisited isn’t even actually an official record. The band had one official release; the 1978 single She’s A Dog which is excellent, but is not actually representative of what the band was. Recorded in 1974 by Bob and Daniel Lanois (in their basement), the lone studio sessions Simply Saucer completed would not make their way to release until 1989. Those studio recordings made up the first side with the 2nd side being a portion of a 1975 live performance in Hamilton. That comp was released as Cyborgs Revisited in 1989 on Mole Sound. These recordings are revelatory. Saucer was essentially a proto-punk band merging VU’s warped choogle, the Stooges unhinged energy and Hawkwind’s electro-space-rock vibrations (their name itself a tribute to Pink Floyd’s Saucerful Of Secrets.) Whether it’s the chaotic and burning “Instant Pleasure,” the interstellar freakyness of “Mole Machine,” the hooks of “Bullet Proof Nothing” or the sneering electro-fuzz and Destroy All Monsters-nods of “Nazi Apocalypse,” you’re jaw is bound to hit the floor at the close of Side A. Side B is raw, blown-out and relentless with non-studio live cuts that show Saucer had the goods to stretch out with psychedelic fury. 
In The Red’s new reissue is the first legitimate press on vinyl since the 1989 Mole Sound release. Even better, it’s now extended to a Double LP with a 2nd LP of the full live show that Side B was culled from on the original release. More live Saucer in their prime. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! (Dom)
Check out a track here.