Sjob Movement - Friendship Train
(Cultures of Soul)

Sjob Movement: Just one of the many great Nigerian bands fusing funk, afrobeat and highlife in the mid to late 70s. SJOB Movement’s name was derived simply from the band members: Sam, Johnnie, Ottah and Bola. Their first LP, A Move In The Right Direction (recently reissued by Academy), was a tour de force of afro-psychedelo-funk that actually created a bit of a stir in Nigeria. Led by drummer and singer Prince Bola Agbana, Sjob Movement embraced some new ideas for their 2nd LP Friendship Trainmainly in the form of the synthesizer which nicely complements all the tracks on this record. Sjob retains the grueling funk that they showcased previously but by adding in synth and the sometimes eerie vocals of Agbana, they manage to go deep into uncharted waters where dance-able rhythms saddle up to unsettling structures and production. “Odiaria” is punctuated by sax skronk, brash horns as well as elements of juju and screeching synths while the minimal bass grooves of “Love Affair” are rounded out by pulsating congas and organ runs.
Friendship Train nicely lands in the pocket for enthusiasts of the 70’s African rock and funk period but pokes it’s head above the fray thanks to its use of synth and dark undercurrents. Hop on the train! (Dom)
Check out a track here.