Sleaford Mods - English Tapas
(Rough Trade)

My love for the Sleaford Mods is pretty outspoken here in the store. As a die hard fan that will willingly buy every release this UK duo puts out, English Tapas is yet another wonderful full length entry into their ever growing discography. It's a really varied record, the band sounds much more comfortable and confident writing songs with massive hooks and groove. The usual fast-paced ranting vocals from Jason Williamson are still here, but the amount of singing and melodies has grown too. Andrew's beats are also throwing a few more left swings. Some tracks sounds like straight up G-funk, and the song "Dull" has an aggressive, almost El-P sort of beat (admittedly it's kinda of a strange venture in the album, but it doesn't ruin the whole thing). It's an album from a band that holds no pretense in doing what they want to do, even given their success and branding as band that "speaks for the working class". A label that even the band says is a confused and misguided thing to say given where they are at now. Sleaford Mods are boldly trying to become craftier songwriters, but stay true to what makes them, them. Several years and dozens of releases later, and the Mods are still writing tracks that will become staples in their catalog. Worth your time! (VII)

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