Sneaks -It's a Myth

Eva Moolchan proves that great things come in small, simple packages.  Using only bass, stripped down synth sounds and her speak-song voice, she records as Sneaks; a primitive take on post-punk with songs regularly clocking in at 1.5 minutes. 
Coming out of D.C., Moolchan has already given us 2015’s Gymnastics which barreled through 10 songs in 13 minutesfeaturing bass heavy, minimal punk songs that were catchy, simple and addictive. For her new record It’s A Myth, Moolchan buddied up with D.C. legend Mary Timony (Helium, Wild Flag, Ex Hex) who helped her tweak the sound ever so slightly. There’s a bit more sparkle, more nuance, and even more music with this record clocking in at 18 minutes. The essence of Sneaks, however, remains the same. There’s the hypnotic, 3-minute epic “Look Like That,” the soaring motorik of “PB&J” and the swaggering “Hair Slick Back” which perfectly captures a chronic nervous energy with a fine pulsating rhythm. She pays tribute to Devo (a clear inspiration) with “Devo,” a rubbery, angular blitz and even plays with stock Casio beats on the whimsical oddball, “With A Cherry On Top.” 
Coming out of a scene where Priests and Downtown Boys are hailed as heroes, Sneaks mix in the approach of bands like ESG and The Fall to perfect Post-Punk effect. (Dom)
Check out a track here.