Spacemen 3 - For All The Fucked-up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3
(Superior Viaduct)

Once again, we bring you Spacemen 3. Too much Spacemen 3 you say? Sick of hearing about how important this band is? Well that's just too bad, cuz here we go again. For All The Fucked Up Children contains the first recordings the group ever made from 1985. If you were to compare this to their final recordings on Recurring, it would be hard to believe that you're listening to the same band. However these recordings laid the groundwork for their modus operandi, which would remain intact for their career. In 1985, J. Spaceman and Sonic Boom were more focused on ferocity than meditation. These songs are essentially experimental blues mantras reduced to the most minimal ingredients. Sonic Boom was infamously quoted as saying “Three chords good, two chords better, one chord best”, and there is no better example of their minimal, maximal ethos than For All The Fucked Up Children. Some of these songs would end up being reevaluated over the next few records though others only existed here. This is the opening statement of a band who dedicated their existence contributing to the lineage of minimalism and it's hard to argue that most rock music in one way or another has relied upon the blueprint of the blues. Superior Viaduct's reissue is a perfect facsimile of the original packaging and sounds better than this material ever has. Whether you're coming up or coming back down, let Spacemen 3 be your guide. (Adam)
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