The Stooges - Gimme Danger: The Story Of The Stooges

As a die-hard apostle of The Stooges, I become both excited and anxious when I see a "new" release hit the racks. Excited because the Stooges are one of the most influential and informative bands of the 20th century, a foundation for extreme music in the decades to come. I also become anxious because as any Stooges collector knows, there is an abundance of poorly recorded, mislabeled, poorly pressed and essentially unnecessary releases by the band, most of which are unofficial. However the latest piece of the puzzle that is the almighty Stooges, Gimme Danger, the soundtrack to the excellent documentary film by Stooges devotee Jim Jarmusch, is completely legit and 100% necessary. For the casual fan, consider this the first mix tape overseen by Iggy himself, (the ultimate stamp of approval), on a batch of tracks never before compiled which is sure to ignite a Stooges obsession. For the zealots, this is some serious shit. 
If you were to sit and take in the entirety of the complete Funhouse CD box set (as I have), you would realize that in between the dozens of takes, there are a couple of amazing songs that didn't make their way out of the reels. Those tracks have now found themselves on this officially sanctioned comp which is of the utmost quality. The drug addled stories told about the disastrous sessions leading up to their penultimate release Raw Power all come through on this compilation. Over the years various bootlegs have appeared with songs that weren't included on the album, (most notably “I Got A Right”), so if you're like me, you've bought those boots and have been quite disappointed that the kettle on your stove has a higher fidelity than the record on your turntable. Not there. Four superior unreleased tracks appear on this album that for me, seal the deal. They top that off with six of the most important songs in the annals of punk rock. I challenge you to buy this and regret it. I dare you. (Adam)
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