Suicide - First Rehearsal Tapes
(Superior Viaduct)

Any attempt to put into words the power, impact, and influence of the seminal group Suicide will fall short of experiencing the music. It is literally impossible to articulate the experience that lies ahead upon first listen to the music of Suicide. Their albums tend to function more like a meditation rather than a collection of songs, just as understanding meditation as an idea is surely different than the experience of meditation itself. Confusion is a necessary and unavoidable effect of, or reaction to, the listening experience and that only over time will the material reveal itself to be an invaluable treasure. That being said, it is quite clearly a cause for celebration that the almighty Superior Viaduct has graciously produced the first ever stand alone release of the infamous First Rehearsal Tapes. It is necessary to consider the fact that although Suicides’ self-titled debut was released in 1977, the group had already been active for several years and therefore the modus operandi of the unit was already clearly defined and in full effect. The First Rehearsal Tapes is a document of those years prior to their debut when Suicide was simply two unstoppable artists with zero expectations and an insatiable urge to create. As any Suicide devotee is surely aware of, it is almost impossible to find two versions of the same Suicide song done the same way because the group treated all musical ideas as evolving shapes constantly in flux. Therefore The First Rehearsal Tapes is both an evolutionary step for the group but the sound in itself is completely unique. It is certainly the most DIY of the groups’ efforts, and they take advantage of that lo-fi sensibility to the fullest. These rehearsal tapes are the feral cousin to Suicide’s studio recordings. As described by long time disciple Henry Rollins in the liner notes for this release; “There are at least three versions of Suicide. The band as performance art confrontationalists, for whom the audience was a necessary element, there to be pulverized. The band in the studio, a cornered animal having to adhere to the expectation of a 'take'. And the band in rehearsal room creation mode. It is this third form that is the most under-documented and vital to understanding the other two versions of Suicide.” This is the DNA of one of the most singular and uncompromising incarnations of fearless self-expression ever to make its way into the world and any opportunity to get closer to the phenomenon that is Suicide should be embraced accordingly. Period. (Adam)
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