The Feelies - In Between
(Bar None)

Consistency is the word that jumps to mind when describing the 40 year career of The Feelies though it doesn’t do justice to how exciting and dynamic their music has been over the years. 1980's Crazy Rhythms was a bona fide classic but equally good, if not more nuanced and slow-burnish, was their 1986 “comeback” LP, The Good Earth, their first with the 5 piece lineup which endures today on their brand new LP, In Between. Their new record recalls that 2nd LP with its subtle flourishes and a more acoustic feel with Mercer and Million bringing us top notch material. “Stay the Course” recalls “On the Roof” (from The Good Earth) thanks to it’s hooky chorus and winding bass support from Brenda Saunter. They amp it up a bit on “Gone Gone Gone” with Mercer bringing his signature fuzzy leads into concert with percussionist Dave Weckerman’s tom fills. While there may not be any dramatic changes or unexpected turns on In Between, it’s a pleasure letting it spin. (Dom)
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