Those Who Walk Away - The Infected Mass

Some of you may dispute this, but there are several very different reasons to buy an LP. Few, however, would argue that the best reason is so that you can play it repeatedly, learn its music and its lyrics (if there are any), gradually learn its secrets, and ultimately (hopefully) fall in love with it and be inspired. And so, after being drawn repeatedly over the last few weeks to playThe Infected Mass, I now feel that I can report that this is haunted and haunting classic.
Composed, arranged and produced by Winnipeg-based Matthew Patton, The Infected Mass is the first of several works he intends to release with an "ever evolving working group of melodic constructivists" known as Those Who Walk Away.  Collaborators here include Paul Corley (Ben Frost, Oneohtrix Point Never) and several Icelandic Symphony Orchestra string players (Sigur Ros, Johann Johannsson).
The Infected Mass is a mournful and profound requiem (Patton's brother was killed in a plane crash) of minimalist composition and maximalist emotion. Sounds of unknown origin rumble and drone and decay disturbingly. Voices (sometimes choral, sometimes whispers) and ghostly strings float menacingly. The tension is ratcheted up as cockpit recordings of airplanes in distress appear in the mix. When the sound signifying a plane crash comes, it's intense but surprisingly stately. I was so fascinated that I literally thought the air was getting sucked out of the room, but was compelled to stand stock still and keep listening.  
Numerous listens do nothing to decrease the impact of this astonishing LP. Very highly recommended. (Lee)
Check out a track here.