T.J. Hustler & The Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra - Age Of Individualism

Serious next level stuff here brought back to life by the great Companion label. 
Imagine if you will...a minimal funk / cosmic disco recording privately recorded and released by a man named Tim Jones and...his ventriloquist alter-ego T.J. Hustler. Perhaps you might fantasize that the songs were 15 minute sermons about philosophical meanings and new-age levels of existence. Might as well score this fantastical thing with Suicide-esque drum machines and a Gary Wilson-like swagger. Is this even feasible? Indeed it is and this one time super rarity has been reissued for the first time in a very limited press. 
Jones, who had some time in a rare funk group The Mysterious Minds, recorded the Age Of Individualism in 1979 and pressed it up on his own SMOA Productions imprint in an edition of 50 copies. Released as a Double LP with 4 side long cuts (1 disc at 33 ⅓, the other at 45 RPM), this record plays out like a long, and hypnotic, cosmic dream with Jones’ meditative synths and drum machine creating an endless tapestry of stripped-down funk. It’s unknown if Jones was actually a ventriloquist but nevertheless, he gives us T.J. Hustler and introduces him on this LP via the unreal, and beautifully absurd, “T.J’s Disco Philosophy.” This has to be heard to be believed. Jones literally wakes his friend T.J. up and then precedes on a long tirade about women and cosmic ways of life. The longer Jones lets the groove hang the better this gets. It’s actually addictive. You find yourself lost in the playful funk and easy-going boogie of “The Individual You” as it stretches past 10 minutes and into an interstellar glow. You’ll ask yourself, “is it over already?” as the rubbery grooves of “Cycle Of Life” fade from earshot. And even better, this record gets better the more you spin it.
Much thanks to the deep-digging Companion Records for bringing T.J. Hustler back into our lives. Beautifully packaged in a heavy duty sleeve and fully licensed from Tim Jones himself who by the way, is still performing and ready for gigs! Unquestionably great and undeniable. These are the kind of reissues you hope for and continuously enjoy. Still don’t believe this exists? Check this! (Dom)
Check out samples of each track here.