Tom Rogerson With Brian Eno - Finding Shore
(Dead Oceans)

Pianist Tom Rogerson is really quite fresh into his career as a composer and artist. He played jazz early (with some associations with The Bad Plus) and then even did the post-rock thing with Three Trapped Tigers from 2009-2016. Somehow he met the legend that is Brian Eno. At first, the pair bonded over geography as they both have roots in the blown out Suffolk town of Woodbridge in eastern England. Eno eventually helped Rogerson open up and commit to recording new music by using some interesting techniques. Eno introduced the idea of working with the Piano Bar, an odd piece of Moog gear that functions and utilizes infrared beams which correspond to notes on the keyboard. As the keys are pressed, the note becomes a midi signal which can then be manipulated digitally. Of course, this is where Eno would come in. With Rogerson creating improvised sounds, Eno mutated the midi signals to create unique ideas and pieces of music. 
Finding Shore is the result of this methodology and it feels like something totally new. Perhaps akin to some of the sounds Jon Hassell produced, Rogerson favors strange minor keys and minimal melodies that gel quite nicely with Eno’s sleight of hand. While it certainly resides in the modern classical territory, the actual tones and textures are pretty alien (see “March Away”). It’s also reflective and beautiful with Eno letting go of the reigns some on the glistening and beach-front swoon of “Idea Of Order At Kyson Point.” And at times more glitchy mimicking the avant-garde, classical-driven electronica of Hauschka. 
Great collaboration from an up-and-comer, and a bona-fide legend. (Dom)
Check out a track here.