V/A - Twin Peaks: The Return OST

Anyone who is familiar with the phenomenon that is Twin Peaks knows that it is impossible to separate the sound from the imagery of the series. It is a marriage that has sustained over 25 years of cultural critique. That same sound has returned two times over with both the Limited Event Series Soundtrack and Music From The Limited Event Series. With the Return, we are given two double LPs of mostly new music (you cannot have a Twin Peaks record without the title theme, it just isn't possible) that take us further from this world and into another. Ever since David Lynch first gifted us with Eraserhead, the term Lynchian has been planted firmly into the vocabulary of art criticism. It defines a certain sense of mystery, a feeling of uncertainty, confusion and extreme terror matched with extreme pleasure. Twin Peaks is undoubtedly the epitome of Lynch's obsession with the relationship between light and dark and the fact that where ever there is good, you will find bad just around the corner. Therefore it should be no surprise that within both of these new albums you will find moments of beauty that quickly turn into complete and total ugliness. The Limited Event Series Soundtrack is made up of all original compositions from long time Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, the revival's sound supervisor Dean Hurley, the recently recruited Johnny Jewel of the Chromatics and of course, David Lynch himself. Without spoiling the experience of The Return for anyone who has not yet taken the trip, the new soundtrack is to the original just as the new series is to its predecessor. You will find a definite, visceral, unavoidable darkness in the grooves of this album. We are bearing witness to Lynch's sole unadulterated vision of what it means to be in Twin Peaks. For the fact remains that both love and fear open the curtain into a world where the birds sing a pretty song, and there is always music in the air. The same goes for the Music From The Limited Event Series which is made up of music that exists outside of Twin Peaks but has been co-opted by Lynch to further the experience of the show. The same sense of polarity is found here with tracks from The Platters to (The) Nine Inch Nails, Sharon Van Etten, Otis Redding, The Paris Sisters, Twin Peaks alumni Julee Cruise and many more. Twin Peaks: The Return has been championed by many, hated by some, and has been baffling to almost everyone who has participated. For myself, it has been the artistic event of my life to be able to go back to a place that has meant so much to me ever since I first experienced it. It's been invaluable to see such a singular and iconic visionary, one of uncompromising abilities with an emotional depth matched by none, return with such a masterful hand on the wheel. These two albums only further the experience of returning to Twin Peaks while exploring the idea of nostalgia in and of itself. (Adam)
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