Ty Segall - Fried Shallots EP
(Drag City)

Yep, couldn’t keep Ty down. After his solid and supremely gratifying self-titled LP from earlier this year, Segall whipped up this new EP with all proceeds benefitting the ACLU. Some of these 6 cuts were culled from old sessions but there seems to be plenty to take hold off on Fried Shallots
He’s in a playful mood on the banjo-led and laid back “When The Gulls Turn To Ravens” which to my knowledge, is the first time he’s gotten this twangy. But it seems to suit him. The fuzz smashes things to bits on “Is It Real” and even more so, the hook and the driving rhythm are not the kind that typically get left to b-side land. Easily one of his better tracks over the last few years. There’s ramshackleness and synth noodling on “Another Hustle3” and crude Bolan-esque stomp on “Talkin’2” that wouldn’t sound out of context on a Sparks LP. And the opener “Big Man2” is hopefully the sign of a new, mega twisted, herky-jerk and rhythmically schizo direction to come. 
It’s a quick ride on Fried Shallots but after 2 quick listens, there’s plenty of beef to go along with these onions. So beefy, so good. (Dom)
Check out a track here