Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm

The feel good hit of the summer!? 
Out In The Storm is touted as the blazing result of a woman re-awakened: her most autobiographical and honest album to date. Frankly, I don't care. What I care about, is that Katie Crutchfield has taken one giant leap for womankind and left the world of indie / schmindie and embraced her sonic freedom and all things rock! Yes!
You'll be floored at the first 17 seconds of this record - is it The Hold Steady? No, it's Waxahatchee! This track, "Never Been Wrong," is frankly awesome, every detail is perfect, perfectly timed, and perfectly performed. When the vocals come in and Katie says, "I spent all my time learning how to defeat you at your own game, it's embarrassing," so beautifully and forcibly, you know everything is right in the world and that this guitar-driven LP will be your constant companion for the summer. Get in the car, put the roof and windows down, sing and drive to the lake.
Part of my praise here must be directed at Katie's co-producer John Agnello, (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth), who recorded the band, (there's keyboards, percussion, bass, drums and guitar here), mostly live to enhance the unity and full sound gloriously.
You should absolutely buy the limited edition version of the album which includes a second album featuring "demo" versions of songs from Out In The Storm. This second set will see you through the late-night, self-reflecting campfire-smoldering times of the summer.
I know this is not the kind of artist / record I usually get behind but the sound of Crutchfield literally finding her wings and soaring is a truly joyous thing to behold.
Indie / pop rock, feel-good album of the summer - no contest! (Lee)
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