Weirding Module - A Newer Age
(Joyful Noise)

Local Ithaca synth-wielder Michael Troutman has been creating layered, and intricate avant music under the Weirding Module name for almost two decades now. At long last, the project now sees a proper 12" vinyl release from the Joyful Noise Label, as a part of their "White Label Series". Released on a limited cassette back in 2013, A Newer Age is a 3-part movement, opening with the mammoth and titular A-side track. A beautiful loop from what sounds like a keyboard, soothes the listener with it's simple beauty. Gradually the piece moves to different passages, each with its own characteristically different mood from uplifting and bright, to sinister and glacial. The crescendo is a paranoia-drenched loop that hypnotically sucks you into it's feeling of weightlessness, with swelling stereo panned synth notes bubbling from side to side. The B-side opens much more urgently with distorted tones right from the start. What a trip this is to listen to on headphones, so much stereo panning, especially when the ghostly distant vocals come in. The last track, "Gazing Into Diamond Mirrors" gives yet another surprise in that of warm, and Americana-tinged vocals and guitar from Kathy Leisen. Over a jittery synth patch and distorted bass none-the-less, but still, a very pretty way to close out an album full of twists and turns. It's a great Sunday record! (VII)
Check out a track here.