Wire - Pink Flag / Chairs Missing / 154 (Reissues)
(Pink Flag)

Ok so we know these records are absolutely essential right? Yes, all three. Released in '77-'79, the first three LPs (Pink FlagChairs Missing and 154 in that order) by these UK legends show the band blazing new paths with their taut and economical sound before ditching those efforts for something bolder and fresher while the rest of us were trying to catch up.
If you've been after any of these for a while, you can finally rest those efforts since all three are finally back in print. These new reissues have been officially overseen by the band, remastered and released on their own label Pink Flag.

But it got us thinking? Where do we rank these 3 seminal LPs?

1. Pink Flag Tie 2nd. Chairs Missing / 154. 
Wire still haven't made a bad album (check out last years Silver / Lead) but it's the 1st one that I always go back to. Kind of a toss up for me between 154 and Chairs Missing

1. Pink Flag 2. Chairs Missing 3. 154.
PF 'cos of "12xu", CM 'cos Big Black covered "Heartbeat," 154 cos it's the only one left.

1. Pink Flag 2. Chairs Missing 3. 154.
It's no contest really. There's no way to overstate the influence and furious pace of Pink Flag. Everything about it is on point. "12XU" is a beast! "Ex-Lion Tamer", "106 Beats That"! But I love all three and their shift towards post-punk within Chairs Missing and mainly 154, definitely works. Quite well in fact.

1. Pink Flag 2. 154 3. Chairs Missing
Pink Flag is my pick for the best, I don't really like goth sounding music / post punk so the other two here don't really cut the mustard. Pink Flag is a banger though.
1. 154 2. Chairs Missing 3. Pink Flag
As controversial as this may be, I firmly believe that 154 is the best Wire album. The more experimental the group was the better the resulting albums were. The Lewis / Gilbert compositions are always my favorite, so it should be no surprise that I also prefer their side project DOME, over any Wire album. This is a hot take, and too hot for anyone here to support!