Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry
(Sub Pop)

What was thought to be Wolf Parade’s last LP in 2010, Expo 86, is finally followed up with Cry Cry Cry back on Sub Pop. The bands’ two main songwriters and driving forces, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, have had plenty of other irons in the fire during that time. Krug put his Sunset Rubdown band to bed and introduced a new solo project, Moonface, which largely explored warped synth-pop songs for Jagjaguwar. Boeckner has been even busier with the Divine Fits (tag-teamed with Spoon’s Britt Daniel), Handsome Furs (his band with wife Alexei Perry) and a new band Operators. Perhaps the timing was right to bring back the Canadian powerhouse known as Wolf Parade.
The band reconvened for a self-released, 10” EP simply titled EP4 last year and it seemed new music was imminent. Cry Cry Cry sounds like a vital return for a band that many young kids probably don’t remember. Back in 2004, Wolf Parade were one of a few key bands, (with Arcade Fire being the prime example), making anthemic indie rock more focused on riotous movement than slacker ramblings. Apologies To The Queen Mary ranks as one of the best indie rock albums of last decade with Pitchfork ranking it #89 on the 2000 best albums of the 2000s. So if Wolf Parade are releasing new music, one should give it look. And with their new effort, they nicely solidify that reputation with an LP of angsty, crunchy and propulsive rock songs. Wolf Parade return to the reliable formula of Boeckner and Krug exchanging songwriting duties, essentially taking turns on the LP with Boeckner favoring looser, epic-rock moves and Krug nurturing paranoid and slightly off-kilter piano / synth led tunes. Thematically, Wolf Parade have tapped into the current feelings of fear and anxiety but within songs like the charging “Artificial Life,” the hook-filled and bouncy “You’re Dreaming” and the majestic closer “King Of Piss and Paper,” hope seems to be right around the corner.
I for one am glad to see Wolf Parade back at it. And hopeful for more to come. Overall, an excellent return. (Dom)
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